Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bush Pies

Since it is the season to be camping...and eating outdoors...I'm sharing a family favorite dish that is meant to be cooked on the open fire.  A bush pie is basically a sandwich grilled inside a cast-iron pie iron (available where camping equipment is sold).   The base of the pie iron is rectangular with two long handles that can be latched together...and they are available in a single or double size. 

  • bush pie maker
  • loaf of sliced bread (2 slices per bush pie)
  • butter
  • main course bush pie fillings (these can include pizza sauce and toppings, meat, chili, cheese)
  • dessert bush pie fillings (pie filling, nutella, bananas, chocolate, mini-marshmallows, etc.)
  1. Spread the outside of two slices of bread generously with butter (or margarine)
  2. Lay the un-buttered side up and top with desired fillings.
  3. Place the bread (buttered side down) on open bush pie maker.
  4. Top with second slice of bread...buttered side to the outside.
  5. Close bush pie maker...sealing the pieces of bread together.
  6. Place over fire or in the coals.
  7. Turn pie-iron over after several minutes and grill second side.
  8. Pie is cooked when the bread is golden brown and filling is hot.
  9. Open the pie-maker and serve.
We were camping over the long weekend...and tried out several kinds of dessert bush pies.  Though the one with cherry pie filling was quite tasty...the hands-down favorite was the smore bush pie (with nutella, banana slices, marshmallows and chocolate chips).  If you are looking for a fun camping food..for kids of all ages...try bush pies!